Do you do gift cards? 

Of course.  Simply head to the search engine and type in "gift cards" and the page will come up for you. 

Do you have a physical store? 

Yes I do!  70 Centennial Circuit, Byron Bay. Its in Byron Arts and Industrial Estate and open normal shop hours.  If you'd like me to open after hours, feel free to message or email me to open by appointment. 
I also do the markets occasionally, my favourites are Brunswick Heads Market, Byron Market and Bangalow Market.  

Where is your clothing made? 

It is made by myself, right here in my shop in Byron Bay Arts & Industrial Estate.  

 If you aren't already educated on fast fashion/sweatshops/slave labour, copying and  pasting the link below is a good start to learning. This article names just a few: 



Do you do custom orders?

Sometimes yes.  Some things are very easy, for example: 
* Can i have this particular skirt/top/dress but just a bit longer/shorter?. Or
* Can i have this particular style but in a different  print? 
These things are quite easy to accomplish and don't take up too much extra fabric/time, and i'm always happy to receive these requests. 

Please feel free to email me your ideas, if i have the time for other custom orders apart from the above, i'm more than happy to hear them :) 


The item i wanted to buy is now sold out on your website, are you going to be re stocking?

Probably!  You are more than welcome  to email me through the contact form or message my social media and make your enquiry about the particular item you were after, chances are I can help you. 


Is it cheaper to buy a set rather than a top and a skirt separately?

Yes it is!  You can save up to $40 purchasing this way, depending on which set you buy. 


 Why do you only use vintage fabric.  Isn't it old and not as good as new fabric? 

Yes, it is old, and that's what makes it so beautiful!  I was lucky enough to discover quite a lot of vintage fabric and linen from the 70's that was still in its original packaging, in absolutely mint condition, which makes the bulk of my collections. 

With any other vintage that i source, i make sure that it is of very high quality and either completely unused, or had very little use, so that it lasts a very long time.